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Electronics in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Sound Station & Security doesn’t just have gadgets for your car, boat, and home— we also have the latest home electronics! We know when you’re not in your car, you want the same access to music or cameras, and we have some great technology for you to check out.

We carry your favorite cutting-edge electronics.

Our team of experts can be reached by filling out our contact request form or calling our Raleigh location at (919) 758-8404 or our Smithfield location at (919) 989-3106.

Wired & Bluetooth Headphones

Wired & Bluetooth Headphones for Sale in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Just like all other areas of technology, headphones have gone through a revolution in recent years. It’s not just the Beats headphones and Apple Airpods, either. Wireless headphones are increasingly becoming the norm, with Bluetooth technology making it easier to ditch the old wired models.

Not only are headphones moving beyond wires but the sound quality is only getting better every year.

While many are gravitating towards the wireless Bluetooth headphones, there are still great wired models coming out with the same advanced sound technology. Everything is getting crisper, cleaner and they can cancel out noise from the environment, allowing you to really lose yourself in the music.

Try a few out and find something that fits your style and preferences.

Our expert staff will help you determine just the right option for you! You can reach us by calling our Raleigh location at (919) 758-8404 or our Smithfield location at (919) 989-3106.

over the ear bluetooth headphones

360 Degree Cameras

360 Degree Cameras for Sale in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

If you are not aware of 360 cameras, you may be a step behind on the next big thing! 360 videos are just starting to hit social media and are garnering a lot of interest. With these cameras, you can move the screen around as you watch to see what is going on just outside the shot. It makes the experience interactive and adds another dimension that traditional photography and video have lacked.

Virtual reality is just starting to take off in ways that are accessible to the general market. Samsung’s Gear VR uses 360 videos, so if you shoot footage with a 360 camera, it can be experienced through a VR system like that.

Let us help you make your videos come to life. Contact our team by calling our Raleigh location at (919) 758-8404 or our Smithfield location at (919) 989-3106.

360 degree camera

Home Surround Sound

Home Surround Sound for Sale in Raleigh & Smithfield, NC

Not everyone just wants to listen to music with headphones. Sometimes you want to fill your home with your favorite tunes and relax, or maybe even dance.

What we can help with is getting your home hooked-up with a surround sound speaker system that will allow you to disappear into the music.

If you’ve visited a technology store and looked at the audio options, you probably noticed the speakers are getting smaller and smaller. Don’t let this fool you, though. These speakers are just getting more efficient, not less powerful, or reduced in quality.

The sound is getting cleaner while the smaller speakers just take up less room in your home. Sound Station and Security can help you set up a custom home audio surround sound that you’ll barely notice until you turn it on.

Looking for other home speaker options for your home theater or man cave? Check out our other great options

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